LOVE HURTS IN TINDER TIMES from Studio to the Globe at Schaubühne Berlin.

In August and September the performance LOVE HURTS IN TINDER TIMES from Patrick Wengenroth and ensemble will move to the bigger stage: the Globe at Schaubühne in Berlin. We are looking forward to search for true and free love in new territory .

Tickets available at from 1 July.

As always with: Matze Kloppe, Lise Risom Olsen, Andreas Schröders, Mark Waschke, Patrick Wengenroth 

From the rehearsals.

From the rehearsals.

New showreel online!

New showreel is now online. (See showreel)

With scenes from the series “The Innocents” -Netflix (2018) and “Below The Surface” -Kanal 5 / Dplay (2019)

Edited by Ben von Grafenstein.

Research for a new performance, the power project.

Lise is working together with director Christoph Buchegger on a new theater piece about power. The working title is MAKT -an amateur night at Capitol Hill. Lise is currently writing the script in collaboration with Christoph. He will also direct the performance. The project will be produced by NONcompany and co-produced by Rosendal Teater in Trondheim. (Former Teaterhuset AvantGarden -TAG)

Other collaborators are BIT Teatergarasjen and WRAP In Bergen. The premiere will be 17 January 2020.

Research makes much more fun offline.

Research makes much more fun offline.

New dates and extra performances for LOVE HURTS IN TINDER TIMES at the Schaubühne in Berlin

April - Mai: Spring has finally arrived, LOVE is in the air, here there and everywhere. And in that occasion the audience success LOVE HURTS IN TINDER TIMES will be performed an extra couple of times from April 29 - 1 Mai. So for all of you who has tried to get tickets to this constantly sold out show, here is another chance! Tickets for the extra performances will be available for sale any day now.

The human being is an abyss. Okay. Fine. Let’s jump right in. Headlong into this mess of longings, anxieties, biological and social determinations. Deeply (gender) troubled and deeply in need of love. But – Look out! Beware! – LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD and LOVE IS BLINDNESS and LOVE IS A CATASTROPHE and, anyway: LOVE HURTS. At least upon that, pop culture is agreed.


30.03.2019, 19.30

31.03.2019, 19.30

01.04.2019, 19.30


29.04.2019, 20.00

30.04.2019, 20.00

01.05.2019, 20.30

11.05.2019, 19.30

12.05.2019, 19.00

LOVE HURTS IN TINDER TIMES by Patrick Wengenroth and the ensemble
In German with short passages in English

Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth
Set Design: Mascha Mazur
Collaboration Set Design: Céline Demars
Costume Design: Ulrike Gutbrod
Music: Matze Kloppe
Dramaturgy: Sina Katharina Flubacher

With: Matze KloppeLise Risom OlsenAndreas SchrödersMark WaschkePatrick Wengenroth

Duration: ca. 135 minutes

Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola. Copyright: Schaubühne.

Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola. Copyright: Schaubühne.