Schaubühne season 2016 / 2017

At the Schaubühne in Berlin Lise can be seen in two plays this autumn. "Wallenstein" by Friedrich Schiller is directed by Michael Thalheimer and Lise plays the astrologer Seni.  In "FEAR" is written and directed by Falk Richter the ensemble play themselves.

In the beginning of December Lise starts the rehearsals of a new piece by Patrick Wengenroth. The working title is "Jealousy". It will be directed by Patrick Wengenroth and performed by Matze Kloppe, Andreas Schröders, Mark Waschke, Patrick Wengenroth and Lise Risom Olsen. The performance will have its premiere in the end of January 2017.






December 9 at 20:00   FEAR (with english subtitles)

December 10 at 20:00 FEAR (with english subtitles)

December 11 at 20:00  FEAR


December 25 at 18:00  Wallenstein

December 26 at 18:00  Wallenstein

December 28 at 18:00  Wallenstein

December 29 at 18:00  Wallenstein

January 1 at 18:00        Wallenstein


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